College Rules & Regulations


Arrival time

All students must be present in the school by 8.00am and remain in the school until the final afternoon bell.

Student Leave

All applications for leave must be made on the prescribed form and approved by the form teacher.   Students will only be allowed to leave the school compound with the parents during school hours for early leave.

The Principal, Vice Principal or Assistant Principal must authorize all students’ leave.

Lunch Pass

No student may go home for lunch without prior approval either by the Principal, Vice Principal or Assistant Principal. Lunch pass can be obtained from form teachers after written requests have been made by parents.



  • Students should wear uniform daily. Students must wear prescribed uniform during school hours.
  • Boys to wear white short sleeve shirt with grey shorts (greysulu for i Taukei boys) and black shoes or sandals with white socks.
  • Girls to wear white blouse with maroon skirt. Students must appear neat and tidy, with shirts and blouses tucked in and properly buttoned.

Form 7’s

  • Boys are to wear grey long pants and white short sleeve shirt.
  • Girls to wear white blouse(shirt) and maroon skirt.
  • Ties – Grey for boys, maroon for girls.

All students to wear appropriate sports uniform during PEMAC classes- White T-Shirt / vest and black shorts.


School badges must be worn while at school and travelling to and from  school.



Short hair, no punks, no spencer, mushroom or box cut and no shaven heads or any other fancy cuts. Hair should be well groomed. No beards and moustache are allowed unless for religious reasons.


  • Girls with long hair must tie double or single plait using a white, black or
  • Maroon ribbon. Short hair must be neatly trimmed and well groomed.
  • No hair bands, fancy hair clips and rubber bands should be used.

Students are not allowed to come to school with dyed hair and application of gel on hair is not allowed.


  • Unnecessary ornaments or jewellery is not permitted.
  • Girls: Simple studs may be worn. No makeups allowed.
  • Boys: No pendants, earrings, anklets, rings and chains.
  • No rubber bands should be worn around wrist and ankles.



All students must attend the morning assembly punctually. Latecomers must join the assembly by standing in in separate line. None of the students should remain in the class during assembly. Assembly is on Thursday every week.

School Prayer
Every student must learn the school prayer and recite this during prayer time(s)

Staff Room
Students shall not enter the staffroom unless authorized to do so by teacher.

Recess and Lunch
During recess and lunch intervals, students are not allowed indoors except when they wish to do that is supervised by a teacher.

Using Steps
Students are strictly prohibited from moving up and down the steps unnecessarily or crowding the corridors or sitting on tailings or on the desks. Always walk on the right hand side of the corridors and steps.

English Language
All students must speak in English during school hours. The vernacular must be used only at Vernacular periods.

Use of classrooms
No students is to enter other classrooms apart from his or her own without the permission of a teacher. Students who are required to move from one class to other must do so in perfect silence and without causing disturbance to anyone.

Anyone found misbehaving in school or using abusive language will be penalized severely. It is the responsibility of the form prefects of each form to bring the matter immediately to the form teacher

Forbidden items
Students are not allowed to bring to school items such as walkman, radio cassette player, CD players, mobile phones, videos games and other electronic items. All such items will be confiscated from students and may be returned to parents at a later date.

Students are to respect all school property. Anyone found damaging property would be suspended. Students must not write or scribble on any school property.
Students are to also keep from all vehicles parked in college compound.

Specialist Rooms
No student are allowed to enter any HODs offices and specialist rooms unless authorized by the teacher in charge of the room.

Any one caught stealing will be suspended and may be recommended for expulsion.

Drug and alcohol
Any students found in possession of drugs, smoking or drinking would face strong disciplinary action. The student will be suspended and serious cases reported to appropriate authorities for further action.

Chewing Gum
The use of chewing gum is forbidden in school

Any student found stealing books, pens, lunch parcels etc. may face an indefinite suspension from school.



Students who loiter in town, poolrooms or cinema houses during school hours will be severely dealt with.

Road Safety
Students should walk in single file on the right hand side when going to and from school and strictly observe all other rules of the road. They are prohibited from lingering on the  roadside during recess and lunch intervals or trespassing into the neighbours compounds and gardens.

Bus Travel
Students must behave properly while travelling in public transport. Students caught     
 writing inside the bus (on the back of the seats etc) will be severely dealt with and may be suspended. Students must show respect to travelling public and bus drivers.



Students must keep the school premises clean. Discarded wrappings, banana skins, bits of paper, broken pencils and pens, empty bottles and other odds and ends must not be          lying about or disposed in neighbours. All such matters to be thrown into designated rubbish bins

Any willful damage to the school property will result in the immediate suspension from the school.

Care of property
All school property, for example library books, textbooks, laboratory equipment, tools etc must be well cared.



All fees and other dues must be paid within a week of the beginning of each term.
All school fees should be paid in the morning before classes begin or during recess.



School Stationery

  • Students must have their own stationery and there should be no borrowing.
  • Students are not allowed to bring permanent markers and white ink to the school.
  • All students must bring the necessary books and materials to class.


Students must do their homework regularly




  • Students must do assigned to them by teachers.
  • Students on general duty are to follow guidelines set in duty list provided.
  • Classroom duties must be thoroughly done each day


Parents and guardians are welcome at the college but must first report to the office before seeing any teacher or students.

Temple Area

Area around the temple should be kept clean and tidy at all times. Students are not allowed to have lunch outside the temple area.